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Premarital Counseling

I work with couples who want to form a good foundation for their marriage and improve their communication dynamics. The benefits of pre-marital counseling can include but are not limited to discussing marital resolutions on hard topics (e.g. finances); improving communication skills; improving conflict resolution skills; outlining realistic expectations and goals; addressing past relationship ghosts and resentments; and identifying relationship stress factors. 


I am a certified facilitator of Prepare/Enrich, which is an online assessment that is customized for each couple to ensure the results will feel accurate and relevant to your relationship. The Prepare/Enrich results will help you celebrate your strengths as a couple and will also identify areas of growth in the relationship. As the facilitator, I help couples discuss these challenges through skill-building exercises, which will give the couple communication skills that will help them in all areas of their relationship.  To get the most benefit from the Prepare/Enrich program, 8-9 sessions are typically recommended, but this can be customized for the needs of each couple. This assessment is encouraged, but not required. 


As a marriage educator part of the Twogetherintexas program I am able to provide you with a certificate of completion of the  Prepare and Enrich program. The certificate is good for a $60 discount on your marriage license, and the 3 day wait period is waived. You may still have to pay some small processing fees for your marriage license, this varies county by county. 


Ask about Premarital Package!

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