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Discernment / Divorce

Discernment counseling is a form of therapy for couples who believe they are on the brink of a divorce and need guidance on whether or not to end their marriage. In most instances couple have mixed agendas where one partner might be leaning towards divorce while the other partner wants to stay. This type of therapy differs from other relationship therapy in that the goal is not to work on relationship issues or concerns but to determine whether or not problems are able to be solved by assisting to make a decision. 


Discernment counseling helps both partners have an increased understanding of what went wrong in the relationship and how they want to move forward. Therapy can help reduce potential conflict between partners and can make the separation process easier if they do decide to take this course of action. If couples choose to enter couples therapy after discernment counseling, they may benefit by already having identified the core relationship conflicts and what each partner needs to work on in order for the relationship to improve. 

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Image by Charlie Foster
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