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About Me

Welcome, I am Alexandria Smith, owner of Thriving Relationships LLC. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Science in Counseling from SMU. I have experience working with a variety of individuals and couples ranging in diversity and complexity of presenting issues. 

My passion is working with individuals and couples wanting to better their relationship with others and/or with themselves. I enjoy working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, self esteem, life transitions, relationship issues and career counseling.

My Approach

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My approach in therapy is based on the premise that the make up of individuals is the combination of family background, and formed perspective from childhood. The focus of therapy is both humanistic and goal oriented. It emphasizes the individual’s strive for success, connection with others, and contributions to society.

I believe that all individuals reach optimal growth by taking a look at their past, however focusing on their present and future. Therapy is an opportunity for you to work on specific issues such as lifestyle patterns and aspirations. Ours will be a collaborative relationship in which we will work together to identify appropriate goals and work towards them.


I have worked with couples in every stage of their relationship from premarital, infidelity recovery, reestablishing communication/connection, new parents, and discernment counseling. Despite common belief couples therapy can be beneficial without a major presenting issue and can be used as a great way to reconnect and be utilized as self care for your relationship.  My modalities for couples sessions consist of a combination of talk therapy in the form of CBT, Adlerian, and Solution Focused as well as the utilization of assessments as seen fit. I am a certified Prepare and Enrich facilitator as well as Level 2 Gottman trained. 


Specializing in Individual and Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy

One on one work with a therapist dedicated to treating the concerns that you bring in. Therapy at thriving relationships is tailored to the client and their unique issues and concerns. 

New Parents

By providing a supportive environment you are able to explore your stressors and strengthen your bond. Together we will talk about your needs as individuals as well as expectations transitioning from couple to family. 

Couples therapy, also known as marriage counseling or relationship counseling is a form of therapy that supports people in intimate relationships. 


Couples seek therapy for a variety of reasons. whether struggling with communication, lack of trust, lack of emotional connection or frequent conflict and argument. I am here to help. 

Infidelity / Mistrust

Therapy can be a helpful space to process these mixed emotions and experiences with your partner so you can better understand them yourself and allows your partner to have a better understanding as well. We then will work on what shape your relationship is in now and what the next steps could look like. 

The benefits of pre-marital counseling can include but are not limited to discussing marital resolutions on hard topics (e.g. finances); improving communication skills; improving conflict resolution skills; outlining realistic expectations and goals; addressing past relationship ghosts and resentments; and identifying relationship stress factors. 

Discernment / Divorce

Discernment counseling helps both partners have an increased understanding of what went wrong in the relationship and how they want to move forward. Therapy can help reduce potential conflict between partners and can make the separation process easier if they do decide to take this course of action. 

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